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Who Getasking are?

Getasking vision is to provide the North-East’s student studying below secondary level have an easy & free accessible note anywhere anytime over the internet at your finger tip.

Why Getasking Exist?

Bringing the mindset to help the students in accessing easy and simple understanding solutions in accordance with the respected board syllabus in Northeast India.

About Getasking

Getasking think that the fundamentals for teaching and learning ought not be confined to classrooms alone. Getasking believe in futuristic technology to bring students and teachers together, make lecture rooms obsolete, and make learning more engaging. Getasking vision is to provide the Northeast India student studying below secondary level have an easy & free accessible note anywhere anytime. This was possible because we have foremost people who are motivated to do the visionary work which could beat any frontier. Getting the best out of the education system in Northeast India is a significant challenge. Getasking have made a simple and easy education-technology tool to help students get good grades in Northeast India by providing easy and free accessible not anywhere anytime in accordance with the respected board syllabus in Northeast India. Getasking deeply committed to building a better future for students from Northeast India through quality education. With teacher support, Getasking can create more tools that will help students get everything they need to succeed. Getasking is engineered to solve problems for education at Northeast India. More than a decade of experience has made us keen observers that how technologies can change human life and what changes we need in the society if trends of using education-technologies for learning continues. It’s not just about how many educational institutions we have, but also about finding a sustainable model that supports growth of the education-technology industry without compromising on goals to provide benefits for all stakeholders, including parents, educators as well as children. Getasking is created by Northeast India professionals with the goal of spreading knowledge and uplifting the creative ideas amongst the mass’s population of India.

It is believed that the newest technological inventions have given us an edge in our advancement as a society. One way this has manifested is by leveraging new technology to address some of the pressing needs in education and share high quality knowledge. Getasking falls right in line with these ideals by utilizing existing technological resources and networks to produced educational content while also considering and respecting local sensibilities and culture and values during its production. Getasking believe that one of our most important roles is to help students become lifelong learners. To give children a world class education, emphasizing a holistic development of their physical, cognitive, linguistic and psychosocial abilities. With a variety of programs that offer knowledge in multiple areas- from life skills to notes books solutions. Getasking commit to helping each child reach their full potential by reaching them. Getasking educates students for board exam with free online textbooks solve solutions over internet. Further goal of the company is to give education tools to students to achieve their dreams. Getasking spread knowledge to educational by providing full text question answer on different topics for board prepared exam. Books updated daily with PDF format and available offline with quick download. Getasking are education technology startup. Our founder thought of the idea of educating the youth of Northeast India not interested in school or attendee to regular schools. These youth were virtually illiterate and operated freely with no boundaries anytime. They didn’t know right from wrong. They only saw the outside world through tv channels which always projects them as thieves and terrorist even though many just wanted to do something good for themselves and society. When people learn and innovate to build and design, they will develop technologies for future generations. Getasking is a central hub of information for anyone learning and understanding all concepts & topics related to computer science and technologies. In addition, getasking work as a communication mediator between student communities an institution. We focus on student from the Northeast states of India.

Why Getasking

Getasking is a one-stop site to find materials for schools and study material for students. For achievement of knowledge, today’s students need greater access to resources which can connect them with the latest developments to help them succeed. This is the reason why Getasking provide for our students a limitless archive of educational content so that they can become better learners and enrich their education. Getasking solves a problem faced by many schools’ teachers form Northeast India today. (supplement the resources for lack of available resources in the region). With a vison to have lasts technologies in the hands of masses, we stated getasking. The motive is to organized and share not knowledge not for Northeast India but to the whole world. Getasking consist of things which will provide you the knowledge that you need nearby when looking for solution for your problems. The team behind getasking is striving to offer result oriented educative information in a friendly way with the best tools around. And make sure you get to find what you need untimely. It is all stated when I was a student in Meghalaya, one thing I noticed was lack of education resources for students who cannot find the answer while searching online. The idea behind getasking came from this contrast, and now we want from the world to be able to find solution through online.

There are many places in Northeast where there is no online resources for students. Getasking will change this destiny by bringing the very best of the Northeast India education resources to these underserved areas of India. Getasking is a education-technology founded in 2019, focused on improving the quality of online resources for North-East. Getasking is an education-technology start-up which aims to provide easy and accessible technology solutions for English-medium schools of northeast India. Getasking are addressing the need for knowledge in English by providing question banks, periodic quizzes, eBooks, instructional videos with teaching pedagogies of teachers, an education partnership program for parents, virtual reality learning content especially geographical information system, numeracy and math concepts for grades 5 onwards. Getasking is a live behavioral psychology learning mechanism which provides learning, weekly quiz and competitions that keep children motivated to learn. Education should be a personalized process and technology has made the personalization possible. getasking provides a fun way for children to learn and offers instant feedback to teachers through a daily quiz format. Getasking was designed primarily to help students from rural areas, since the only access they have been able to get is from text books provided by government schools. We also aims at providing all the facilities. We tries its best efforts to provide easy accessibility not only for northeast India but for whole country.

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Getasking Comes Up With a Vision That Each of The Students Studying Below Secondary Level Have an Easy Access To The Solutions Anytime .

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